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18.2 Who are your people, really? Coaching tips inspired by my conversation with John Dolan (18.1)

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Curious about who your true audience is in photography? This episode, inspired by my conversation with John Dolan, reveals two crucial principles for a sustainable business. Learn why questions outweigh answers and how to truly identify your people – beyond mere client avatars. Discover these key insights to connect authentically and grow your business. Plus, there’s a special offer on Storyteller’s School. Don’t miss out on this chance to understand and connect with your audience!

How to find your people, so you can build a sustainable photography business (Insights from the Conversation with John Dolan)

From my refreshing conversation with John Dolan, I’ve picked out two encouraging principles that, when diligently practiced, will make a HUGE difference in the way we manage our photography businesses.

The first is the idea that questions are more important than answers, and the second is knowing who your people are. Think: ideal client avatars, but less avatar and more real people 😉

Join me as we explore these two ideas. You’ll see how they will empower you to build a sustainable and profitable photography business based on working with your true people, your raving fans, all the while establishing your authenticity both in art and business.

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Key Discussion Points:

The Importance of Questions in Photography:

Emphasizing the significance of asking questions over seeking answers in the creative process. Exploring the expansive nature of creativity beyond strict guidelines.

Understanding Your Audience:

Digging into the crucial aspect of identifying your audience by aligning values and connections beyond superficial client profiles. Building trust through authenticity in art and business.






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