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18.1 How to FIND YOUR PEOPLE. Conversation with photographer JOHN DOLAN.

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Wondering how to find ‘your people’ in photography? Join me in episode 18.1 as I chat with renowned photographer John Dolan. We explore embracing opportunities, the importance of asking the right questions, and transitions in photography. Discover the art of capturing emotions and leveraging individual strengths. Plus, John shares his perspective on the future of wedding photography. Tune in for these insights and more about the Storyteller’s School.

Feeling stumped by how to connect with your people, your raving fans, the ones who NEED YOU to photograph them?

Join us as we delve into an enlightening conversation with renowned photographer John Dolan @johndolanphotog , uncovering invaluable insights and lessons from his storied career built on finding his people.

What’s Covered in the Episode:

✔️Saying ‘Yes’ to Opportunities. How embracing fear-inducing chances leads to growth and learning in photography.

❔The Importance of Questions. Why focusing on the right questions matters way more than having all the answers.

➡️ From Directing to Collecting. We talk about one of John’s major transitions and how it refined his photography business.

💫 Reading and Capturing Emotions. The significance of understanding and portraying our emotions in wedding photography.

💪🏻Embracing Individual Strengths. The importance of recognizing and learning how to leverage one’s unique abilities in photography.

🚀 The Future of Wedding Photography. John’s perspective on the increasing role of female photographers and the need for broader recognition of the art form.

Listen to episode 18.1 to hear more about John Dolan’s journey and his profound insights on photography.

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