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16.2 What does IDENTITY mean for photographers? Coaching tips inspired by my conversation with Abul Shah (16.1)

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Are you embracing your true self in your photography? In this episode, I take a closer look into the link between identity and photography. We discuss the impact of our authentic selves on our work and career, the journey towards self-acceptance, and the importance of expressing rather than hiding our true identity. Discover how incorporating personal values into your work and accepting your identity can enrich both your photography and life. Join me for an enlightening discussion on the power of being real in your creative pursuits.

Are you living your truth, especially in your creative work? In this episode of The Tilt and Shift Photography Business Podcast, we delve into a topic close to my heart: Identity and how it shapes our lives and work.

What’s Covered:

Identity and Photography: How our true selves impact our photos and careers.

Self-Discovery: The ups and downs of accepting who we are.

Photography as Expression: Using photography to show and explore our identity.

Journaling Exercise: A tool for deeper self-understanding.

Hiding vs. Expressing: The effects of not showing our real selves.

Power of Being Real: The positive change in being authentic.

Personal Values in Work: Making our values part of our photography.

Blending Life and Work: How accepting our identity enhances our career.

Join me in this heartfelt and enlightening episode where I explore the complex relationship between identity and photography. Discover how embracing your identity can lead to profound changes in both your photography and life!


If you want to learn more about Abul and his amazing images, you’ve got to check out his portfolio in his website today. And if you want to learn from Abul, go to his patreon here.

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