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16.1 How to find your CREATIVE GENIUS. Conversation with photographer Abul Shah.

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Are you ready to give your all to photography? In this episode, I have a candid conversation with Abul, a destination wedding photographer who transformed his dream into reality. Starting in 2015, his journey is marked by resilience, gratitude, and personal growth. A UK-based photographer, Abul stands out with his storytelling skills and deep appreciation of human connections. His journey offers practical tips and lessons for those pursuing their passion. Tune in to be inspired by Abul’s story and learn from his experiences.

What would it feel like to fully give 100% of your energy in photography?

In this episode, you will meet Abul @abul.co, a destination wedding photographer who dared to chase his dream of becoming a full-time wedding photographer. His story began in 2015, but it was not about stunning images. It was all about resilience in the face of adversity. 

From choosing to give up everything–his savings, his home–to emerge eight months later with sustainable business, Abul’s unwavering determination proved that hardships can fuel one’s ascent to greatness. 

A renowned wedding photographer situated in the UK, Abul has gained recognition in his field through his remarkable techniques, employing his adeptness as a visual narrator and passionate admirer of artistic expression. Abul is also fascinated by the essence of human connection, emotions, and the intricacies of details. His ingenuity and remarkable abilities consistently enchant and motivate audiences, ensuring his lasting impact on both brides and fellow photographers within the industry for years to come.

Tune in as Abul’s journey unfolds, offering practical tips and invaluable lessons in navigating the challenges of pursuing their passion.


If you want to learn more about Abul and his amazing images, you’ve got to check out his portfolio in his website today. And if you want to learn from Abul, go to his patreon here.

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