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What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Conversation With Educator and Photographer Lisa Digeso

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Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to find genuine joy and fulfillment in your work? Today, I’d like to share the story of Lisa Digeso, an extraordinary photographer and educator. Her journey isn’t just a story of professional success but an inspiration for anyone seeking contentment in their career.

Who is Lisa Digeso?

Lisa is a talented maternity and newborn photographer and the co-owner of the Milky Way photographers’ resource. She’s also the host of the podcast “The Art and Soul Show.” Lisa’s approach to her work is a blend of creativity, empowerment, education, and entertainment, making her a unique figure in her field.

The Essence of Lisa’s Work: Joy and Intuition

At the heart of Lisa’s business philosophy is a simple yet powerful mantra: “Have fun.” This mindset, though it might seem at odds with traditional business strategies, is key to her success. She makes decisions based on what brings her joy and listens to her intuition, using it as a guide in her professional journey.

Human Design in Business

Lisa attributes much of her business approach to her understanding of human design, specifically being a “Manifesting Generator.” This concept involves pursuing what brings joy and abandoning paths that don’t align with one’s inner happiness. This philosophy has allowed Lisa to navigate her career with a balance of personal satisfaction and professional achievement.

Lisa’s Photography Style: A Blend of Art and Connection

Lisa specializes in posed newborn and family photography, but her work goes beyond the typical boundaries of this style. It’s about capturing connections and emotions in a beautifully arranged manner. Her ability to blend a structured approach with moments of genuine interaction sets her work apart.

Embracing Change and Personal Growth

One of the most significant parts of Lisa’s story is her openness to change. 

”It’s going to change and you’re allowed to change your mind at any time. It’s your business. It’s your choice. If you do family photos for 15 years, and then all of a sudden you decide you’re like, ‘Actually, I don’t like dads at all. I don’t want to do this.’ That’s okay. It’s your business.”

She acknowledges that our interests and passions can evolve over time. In turn, this understanding has allowed her to transition seamlessly across different aspects of photography to other professions and interests, reflecting a dynamic and adaptive approach to her work and life in general. 

Work-Life Balance and Dealing with Burnout

Lisa’s journey also highlights the importance of work-life balance. Even with her love for photography, she experienced burnout, leading her to take a sabbatical. This decision reflects an essential lesson: recognizing when to step back, reassess, and prioritize personal well-being.

The Power of Saying No

An important part of Lisa’s philosophy is the power of saying no. She emphasizes that if something doesn’t resonate with you on a deeper level, it’s okay to decline and move in a different direction. 

”I’ve made decisions – business decisions – where I’m like, ‘Okay, this doesn’t feel very fun, even though I know this could be lucrative, my heart is not in it. And it doesn’t feel like it brings me joy. So, I feel like this is not the right direction for me. So, we’re just going to pivot and do something else’.”

This approach has helped her maintain authenticity in her work and personal life. 

Advice for Aspiring Photographers

For those who are planning to pursue a career in photography or any creative field, Lisa’s advice is to focus on what truly brings you joy. She encourages photographers to look beyond technical skills and find their unique voice and style, which often lies in what they are genuinely passionate about.

Intuition in Professional Choices

Lisa emphasizes the importance of intuition in her professional choices. She trusts her gut feelings, allowing them to guide her decisions. This intuitive approach has been instrumental in her success, helping her stay aligned with her core values and goals.

Personal and Professional Alignment

This conversation with Lisa revealed a deep alignment between her personal values and her professional life. She has consistently chosen paths that not only bring her professional success but also personal fulfillment and joy. This alignment is a cornerstone of her approach to work and life.

The Bottom Line

Lisa Digeso’s journey is a powerful example of how embracing joy and intuition can lead to a fulfilling career. Her story inspires us to explore our passions, listen to our inner voice, and be open to change. Remember, success and satisfaction in work come from aligning our professional pursuits with what genuinely brings us happiness.

In the end, Lisa’s story teaches us that joy can be a significant driving force in our professional lives. Her journey serves as a reminder to all of us that when we align our work with our passions, we unlock the door to both personal satisfaction and professional excellence. You can do it, too! 






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