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Confession time:  Do you ever feel like social media is a bit of a chore? Don’t get me wrong, these platforms can be amazing for connecting with people and growing your business. But let’s be honest, sometimes scrolling through endless feeds can feel more like duty than delight.

We’ve all been there, right? We complain about the algorithm, roll our eyes at picture-perfect vacations, and secretly wish things could be different. But what if I told you there’s a way to transform social media from a begrudging scroll into a fun and effective marketing tool?

Intrigued? Here’s the thing: marketing success, especially online, boils down to building genuine connections with your audience – and that means ditching the resentment and finding ways to make these platforms work for you, not against you.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with a new approach, and the results have been surprising. It all centers around the classic marketing concept of “know, like, and trust.” Remember, your potential clients need to first know you exist, then like what they see, and ultimately trust you enough to hire you. Social media provides a unique space to cultivate these elements in a relatable, personal way.

I recently put this concept to the test, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer. Not only did I have more fun engaging on social media, but my overall engagement actually increased! So, let’s dive into the lessons I learned and explore how you can make these platforms a more enjoyable and productive part of your marketing strategy.

Know, Like, and Trust: The Social Media Trinity

We all know the golden rule of marketing: know, like, and trust.  Social media is no different.  People need to become familiar with you, develop a connection with your brand, and ultimately believe in your expertise before they’ll hit that “buy” button.

On most platforms, the “know” stage is easy. We can showcase our skills, share our portfolio, and establish ourselves as experts. But the “like” and “trust” factors?  Those often fall by the wayside.

We get stuck. People know I’m a photographer, they’ve seen my landscapes. But that’s it. There’s no connection. That’s why I started thinking about “dating” my audience. After all, real connections go beyond the professional facade. What are you passionate about outside of work? What makes you laugh? Sharing these glimpses allows people to see the real you – the person behind the business.

This is exactly how I approached my Instagram experiment.  Instead of just posting curated photos, I started interacting with the algorithm’s suggestions in a playful way. I shared my amusement at the random animal posts, even thanking the algorithm for the endless stream of cows (and the occasional wombat!). This lighthearted approach showcased my sense of humor and personality.

By weaving these personal touches into your social media presence, you move beyond being just another face in the feed. You become someone your audience can relate to; someone they start to like.  And as that connection deepens, trust naturally follows. After all, people are more likely to buy from someone they feel they know and trust.

The Unexpected Results

This little experiment has been surprisingly fun! The algorithm is still trying to figure me out, and while people might not be commenting like crazy, they’re getting to know me beyond just my photography.

Here’s the kicker: all those animal posts have boosted my engagement on my actual photography content. Marketing doesn’t have to be this stiff, overly-professional thing!

It’s All About the “Like”

Your personality is part of your brand. So, how comfortable are you sharing bits of yourself online? The goal is to attract clients who vibe with the real you. This is how you build that “like” factor into your Instagram presence.

Your Homework: Get Playful

Here’s your challenge:

  • Brainstorm. What makes you you? What do you genuinely like? Yoga? 80s romcoms? Nature hikes?
  • Start Sharing. Weave bits of this into your posts and Stories – get playful and experiment!
  • Be Patient. It takes time for this to translate into engagement. I noticed a difference after about three weeks.

It’s okay if your first few attempts feel awkward. It’s about shifting your expectations. Stop focusing on immediate, grand results and see Instagram as a playground first. The business side might just follow.

Bonus Tip: Stories are Your Sandbox

Instagram Stories are a low-pressure way to try out new stuff. Go wild, be silly, experiment – it all disappears in 24 hours anyway!

Shift Your Mindset, Reap the Rewards

Remember, you’re in control. Make Meta a positive and playful part of your marketing toolkit. Your followers are watching, getting to know you, and hopefully, starting to like you more each day.

Let me know how it goes!






Learn more about coaching and mentoring at bobbibeducation.com.

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