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How Dreaming helps your Business Brain

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What if I told you that dreaming – the thing we often think is reserved for kids and artists – is actually incredibly important for your business? It might sound a little unconventional, but stick with me! Let’s dive into why dreaming is a vital part of both your personal AND professional growth.

Dreaming: More Than Just a Flight of Fancy

I had this enlightening conversation with Dave Moss back in episode 26, where we talked about how dreaming broadens our minds. Today, I want to focus on turning dreaming into a practical skill. Yes, a skill. Remember how freely dreams flowed when we were kids? Sadly, as we grow older, the world often nudges those dreams into the background. It’s not always out of malice; parents and teachers aim to guide us towards practical paths. But what if the path less traveled is where we’re meant to be?

The Reality of Dreaming

Here’s a different way to think about it: Dreaming is actually a piece of reality. I know, it sounds weird, but hear me out. The thing is, we have to relearn how to dream. Think back to when you were a kid. Did you want to be an astronaut? Or a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Sure, those dreams seem silly now, but underneath them were sparks of something real – maybe a love of space, or a fascination with creatures. Those passions could totally turn into incredible careers in science, art, writing… you name it! 

The Journey Back to Dreaming

My journey to becoming a photographer took about 30 years – a winding path that started in childhood. It’s never straightforward, but here’s the thing: it’s worth it. If you find dreaming daunting, ask yourself why. Is it fear of failure? Or is the idea of success too overwhelming? Understanding these barriers is the first step to overcoming them. We’ve got to be honest with ourselves. 

What’s holding YOU back from dreaming?

Dreaming 101: A Practical Guide

Dreaming is like any other skill; it requires practice. Inspired by “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, I’ve got some exercises to kickstart your dreaming engine. Grab your journal, and let’s get started!

  • What Experiences Do You Want? 

Think about how you want to feel. Just brainstorm a list, and don’t censor yourself. Is it freedom? Adventure? Maybe it’s a deep connection with nature or a thirst for knowledge. Write it all down!

  • Skip the “How” for Now

Don’t think about how these experiences will happen, just dream about the experience itself. Traveling the world for a year? Learning a new language? Write it down without getting stuck in the details.

  • Material Desires

Next, 10 things or assets you’d love to have around. Again, skip the practicality for now! Maybe it’s a cozy cabin in the woods or a professional camera that lets you capture your creative vision perfectly. Let your imagination soar!

  • Relationship Goals

What kind of people do you want to surround yourself with? This isn’t just about romance! Who nurtures and challenges you? Maybe it’s a mastermind group of like-minded entrepreneurs or a supportive mentor who’s been there and done that. Write it all down.

  • Creative Sparks 

What would express your creativity? List 10 things. Perhaps it’s writing a book or mastering the art of pottery. Maybe it’s something completely unique! Don’t be afraid to explore uncharted territories.

  • Career Dreams

What’s your dream career? List 10 things! Do you see yourself as a CEO leading a team or a solopreneur creating beautiful handmade goods? Write down everything that excites you, even if it seems far-fetched.

  • Leisure and Recreation

What do you dream about doing for fun and health? Maybe it’s mastering the art of meditation or training for a marathon. Write down activities that bring you joy and energize you.

  • Spiritual Journey

Regardless of your beliefs, contemplate what spiritual or meditative practices you’d like to explore. This can be anything from religion to meditation. What speaks to you?

It’s normal if some categories are easy and others are hard. That shows you where to explore next! Maybe your list of possessions is short, but your creative ideas overflow. That’s perfectly okay! This exercise is about expanding your horizons and discovering new potential. It also shows where you’re currently focusing your life or where you might need to lean in a bit more.

Why Dreaming Matters

Dreaming is a powerful skill. It lets you think creatively, breaking free from the limits of your everyday experience. It literally expands your brain, boosting its problem-solving and flexibility (that’s the cool science of neuroplasticity!). So, if you find dreaming difficult, or if those brainstorming pages stay a bit empty, I encourage you to practice. Dream freely, let your mind explore new possibilities, and unleash your imagination!

Join the Conversation

Found this exercise challenging? Or did it unlock something within you? I’d love to hear about it! Reach out via my website or drop me a message on Instagram. Dreaming, after all, is one of my favorite themes because it opens up a world of possibilities, both in life and in business.

So, there you have it, friends. Dreaming isn’t just for the idle – it’s a vital tool for growth, creativity, and yes, even business success. Let your mind wander, and who knows where your dreams might take you next. Until our next chat, keep dreaming big!






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