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groom comforts bride during speeches at oak estate winery wedding


To anyone drawn to being a wedding photographer, there’s something undeniably intriguing about documentary wedding photography. Think about it; it looks like there are no rules! Just point your camera at whatever is happening, and off you go, right?! But just like a star gymnast who makes the balance beam look easy, it’s so, so […]

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Here's 5 secrets nobody told you to reduce anxiety in high pressure wedding photography scenarios. 


I'm a late bloomer. It takes me a LONG TIME to figure stuff out. But when I do, it's FIREWORKS. It took me 7 years to hit my first 6-figure year as a photographer, but I've been doing it ever since.
It didn't come easy, so I want to help YOU skip the boring bits. Let's smash your goals so you can live that dream life you want. 

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